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Jovian | Fabric Lanyard in Bright Red

Hey Jovianista! This Jovian Lanyard keeps your essential cards in a Jovian-embossed cardholder that's minimal and versatile. This cardholder organizes your cards in one go and is hung from a detachable loop.



- Lanyards are made from 100% brocade jaquard

- 3/4 inch Swivel D-clips are attached at the end to allow for easy access to attach things such as an ID tag,

- The lanyard is 3/4 inches wide and approximately 17 inches long

- Attached with silver 'JOVIAN' emblem


- Hand Wash
- Cold Water Only

  • (JEP004BH-B.RED)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • MYR30.00

Tags: jovian, fabric, lanyard, bright, red, accessories